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Having a medicolegal practice and being an Expert Witness is an important source of revenue for consultants. Often your medicolegal practice will be dealt with by those who are stretched to their limited and are inexperienced with dealing with medicolegal matters due to them being completely different from Clinical Practice.


Here are Medical Secretarial Services we have over 15 years’ experience and one of a select few secretary companies that specialise in running medicolegal practice for consultants.


We provide a full service to consultants, which includes the preparation of all styles of medical reports for large number of different specialities that are dome to your own report template design which is designed for you by us to be completely Court compliant. in addition, as part of the full service we provide full administrative services involved in running your medicolegal practice, including all liaison with solicitors and agencies; appointments, negotiations of fees, Signed Terms & Conditions dairy management, invoicing and debt chasing.


If you are a consultant looking for someone to take care of your medicolegal practice please do get in contact with us for further information please contact us on 01223 479024/479125 or at


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